ABC Open Community Guidelines

ABC Open is designed to be a space where people can speak and be heard, and share and collaborate in a safe and respectful environment. With that in mind, we've developed a few simple guidelines which all community members will be expected to follow.

These guidelines will inform any decisions to amend or remove material.

1. It's about honesty, fairness, independence and respect...

The ABC has four key values: honesty, fairness, independence and respect. Try to incorporate these values into any work you contribute to ABC Open, and also in your interactions with other members of the ABC Open community. Inappropriate language, comments which are abusive towards other users, or which appear to deliberately provoke arguments will not be accepted.

2. Keep it legal and safe

The ABC is responsible for all content on this site, so material which could put us in legal hot water may be removed. This includes material which is defamatory, discriminatory, incites violence or which is in breach of copyright. We may also choose to not publish material which depicts unsafe activities, or encourages people to put themselves at risk.

3. Play nice

We welcome debate and dissent, but personal attacks are not OK. We ask all community members to think about the context of their comments, and the likely affect on other people. Vigorous debate is encouraged, but we reserve the right to remove material which is very offensive or threatening to other members of the community.

4. Commercial or promotional material

ABC Open is not a commercial space. We will not publish content which has been made or paid for with the primary aim of encouraging people to buy something or to promote the activities, causes or brands of lobby groups or vested interests. Contributions made by community groups are welcome and will be assessed on a case by case basis within our usual editorial guidelines.

5. Indigenous protocols

ABC Open respects Indigenous cultures and practices, including protocols associated with people passing away. Read more about working with Indigenous communities.

6. Children

People under the age of 18 should have their privacy protected. We won't publish images or stories which include a combination of full names, identifiable faces and locations which might lead to an invasion of their privacy. If a face of any child is identifiable we may require parental permission before it is published.